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Quaranvino wine basics - Saturday night in to get comfy with wine online wine tasting

12th February - Quaranvino : Wine Basics

Quaranvino: Online Tastings
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Do you enjoy wine but not know much about it? Join Quaranvino founder and certified Sommelier Faye Cardwell for a Saturday night to get Comfy with the basics of wine on Saturday 12th February. 

You'll learn: 

  • Sparkling wine, still wine, white wine and red wine - how are they actually made?

  • How do the bubbles get into the sparkling wine?

  • How to look like a pro with a wine-glass : holding and swirling

  • Which glass should I use?   

  • What do we see from the colour of wine?

  • Is what we smell, what we taste?

  • What other wines could I choose based on what I like?

  • Where and how should I store wine?

  • How long can I keep wine for?

  • Are wines with screw-caps always poor quality?

  • How much should I spend on a bottle of wine to make sure it’s drinkable?

  • What’s the most important part of pairing wine with food?   

We use lots of pictures, videos and interactive elements to make sure that this is a fun online tasting to enjoy from your own sofa. Ask questions in the chat or simply un-mute and ask in person, we’ll get though all the questions above and as many more as we can in our 2 hour slot (stopping for a quick break to socialise in the middle).

In your wine tasting box you’ll receive 3 bottles of high-quality wine (a sparkling, white and red) and a link to access extra resources including a printable wine-tasting guide, a food and wine pairing guide and our 8 mistakes to avoid with wine. Sessions are lead by qualified sommelier and Quaranvino founder Faye Cardwell and help you up your wine game from your sofa in a fun and relaxed way.

Our breakout rooms give you the chance to socialise with other guests meaning that it’s a fun way to do something with friends without having to leave the house.  

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