Quaranvino FAQs

Quaranvino is a fun wine experience, bringing wine-makers direct to your home. 


How does it work? 




Why do you do events in series? We do series of events from 2-4 events so that we can really look at a certain theme. This means you'll get a better understanding of our country / region / style of wine and it's also way more efficient for us to ship the wines. The cost is the same whether we ship 3, 6 or 12 bottles so its better for you and better for the environment. For the social aspect, it also means that you can really get to know and chat to the people you meet in the chat rooms. We find this creates a really nice dynamic for the dinners when people start getting to know each other. After all - Quaranvino is about connecting people despite the distance. 

What happens if I miss a session? No problem. You still get access to the recipes, information about the wines and an audio recording of the event which will be uploaded to the drive the day after the event. 

How do you select the wines? We look for wineries that above all make great wines and are full of stories to tell. These are wines that you don't find in supermarkets and are all wines that tell as story. We usually select smaller wineries for the event but we are not averse to having larger producers on Quaranvino, the important element is that they are leaders in their field and make really outstanding wines. We are independent, we are event organisers, not wine retailers, this means that we choose wines and wineries because we love them and think they'll make a really entertaining evening.

I don't know much about wine, will it still be fun? YES! Quaranvino is about bringing people together to enjoy wine. Whether you're a wine geek or just a wine drinker, having dinner with the person who made the wine you're drinking is really a unique experience and you're sure to learn something new. You can ask questions either via the moderator or directly. Quaranvino is a safe place, no question is dumb, no-one is judged, we're just here to have fun. 

I live in the UK / Belgium / Poland / the Netherlands etc.... Can I still participate? Yes! we can ship wines for these events anywhere in Europe, please  select the international shipping supplement when you place your order. 

I don't drink a lot of wine but I like the social side of the events, is it for me? Yes! Quaranvino is about enjoying the stories and the background to wine. You don't have to open all the bottles during the evening! Enjoy them at your own pace. If you don't finish it, we suggest putting the cork back in and putting it in the fridge or even better, using a vacuvin wine saver or wine fresh spray to protect from oxidation. You'll be able to keep the wines at their best at least for another few days if not longer! 

I already have an appointment one of those nights - No problem, we have more and more of our guests who are enjoying Quaranvino with friends and family at home. We don't mind how many of you are enjoying the wines with us, the more the merrier! 

What language do you host the events in? All events are held in English. If in the breakout rooms you want to speak another language that includes everyone, please do so, but in the main room, English is the chosen language. 

How long does it last? We start at 8pm CEST and spend the first hour or so talking about the region, winery and the first wine. After the break, we talk about the second wine and we usually close about 10 / 10.15pm. 

Can I only sign up for some of the dinners? We can't change the selection in the Solo or Duo boxes but you are free to attend as many or as few of the dinners as you want. 

Can I buy more of the Quaranvino wines? Yes, we have all of the Quaranvino wines on sale in the Quaranvino Wine Shop. You will receive a special discount code at the end of the series valid for a limited period.