Discover our virtual wine tasting events

Discover Wine 

Broaden your wine knowledge and discover more about regions, grapes and styles of wine in our fun, interactive online wine tastings. 

Meet Winemakers

Enjoy meeting the person who made the wines you have in your glass during our online wine dinner events with leading producers 

Connect over Wine

Connect with friends, team-mates or other wine lovers during our live wine tastings - and mingle in our breakout rooms. 

How an online wine tasting events works

Online wine tastings - a new way to experience wine. You need a glass and a computer we send you the wine

Choose your Wine Tasting Package

Select one of the event boxes from the list below. You only need one per household. 

Once your order is processed you will receive an email with the essential information and the link to join the live wine tasting online.  

wines are shipped to your door

Wines are shipped to your home

A couple of weeks before the event your wines will be shipped to your home. We from Germany across the EU. 

In the box you will receive a letter with a QR code to access the suggested recipes along with the call details. 

Quaranvino online wine tastings are social as well as informative events with lots of interaction between guests

Tune in, connect, enjoy 

Tune into our live call hosted by a wine producer or expert and moderated by a sommelier.

Ask questions directly to the host, chat with other guests and mingle with other guests in our breakout rooms.

Quaranvino online tastings are about discovering wine, connecting with people -  without having to leave home. Some guests make a real occasion out of it and get dressed up whilst, others prefer to participate passively and keep their cameras off.  In any case, our tastings are designed to be interactive and as much about the people as the wines. 

Quaranvino Guarantee

- Wines are chosen by experienced Sommeliers and Experts
- Almost all bottles are closed with taint-free guaranteed corks. If you find a corked bottle, we'll be happy to refund you 
- Shipments are made with DHL or UPS within the EU. Any damaged bottles will be replaced and if they don't arrive in time for the live event, you'll receive a full refund. 

We have 17 years' experience organising events and understand what makes a great online tasting: 

Amazing wine, great food and good company. 

This is Quaranvino. 

We select top-quality wines and wine-makers with stories to tell to host our online wine tastings.
Our online wine tasting events have featured many iconic labels and wine producers, and our Three of a Kind events are hosted by Fred Nijhuis, one of Europe's most respected wine writers and educators.

And it's not just about the wine.... 

Connect with wine during our online wine tasting classes hosted by producers. Enjoy wine tasting at home with your computer and a wine glass.
  • TASTY RECIPES - we send authentic, seasonal and easy-to-prepare recipes to that will pair-perfectly with the wines you enjoy during Quaranvino. Make a real occasion or date-night of it. 
  • SOCIAL FROM HOME - Our 10-min breakout moments mid-event give you the chance to connect with friends or meet new faces, even when leaving home is complicated. 
  • VINEYARD EXPERIENCE - meet wine-makers without leaving home. Our dinner dates with leading wine-makers give you the unique experience of meeting the person who made the wine you're drinking - and no-one needs to board a plane to do it! 

What some of our customers say..

Tiffany V. 

Wonderful company and team. Fun events, perfect wine, they deliver all that is promised and more. Highly recommended for events and wine shopping! It’s become a community, and by far a highlight to come out of COVID.

Peter. G. 

They are brilliant at choosing the vineyards and which wines to include - I thoroughly enjoyed all of them. The breakout sessions were a great way of chatting and getting to know people from all over Europe over a few glasses of wine

Claire M. 

Quaranvino is a wonderful and unique way to spend an evening at home! Each of the wines featured in Quaranvino have interesting stories and people behind them, which make the wines all the more special and enjoyable.


How do our online tastings work? Our dinner events with wine-makers are all about discovering the region, the grapes and the history of the producer. Since March 2020 we have hosted events with producers from Italy, South Africa, Germany, France, Portugal and Lebanon. 

We work with producers that have stories to tell. We'll look at where they are located, what makes their wines so unique and enjoy a few funny stories along the way. Our online tastings are very interactive. We use polls and chat and everyone has the chance to ask questions they have. We also have breakout moments during and after the tasting so you can mingle with other guests. 

Our Three of a Kind Sessions are hosted by Fred Nijhuis, one of Europe's leading wine writers and educators. In these sessions we look at three wines around a certain theme and see what makes them different. These sessions are a great way to broaden your wine knowledge and make it easier to select and buy wines you like. 

Not able to attend the live event? We record the events and upload them to our drive so if something comes up and you want to catch up later at your own pace, you can.

What do I need? All you need to enjoy a Quaranvino virtual wine tasting is a laptop or tablet, a corkscrew and a glass. We host our events on Zoom which gives us the chance to host breakout rooms for the social aspect if you want to join in. 

Like wine but not a "wine expert"?  You don't have to be to enjoy Quaranvino. Our guests include people who have their own wine blogs to people who just love wine. We break down all terms to make sure there's no "wine jargon" and we make sure it's a fun, relaxed atmosphere where anyone can ask any questions they have. 

Not located in Germany? We ship wines for our public wine tasting events across the EU from our distributors here in Germany. If your country of residence isn't included for shipping drop us a line and we'll add it in. Some of the wines we use are available in the UK, check out our UK Box office to see which tickets are available there. 

Why only two or three wines? We use full bottles of wines so that we are sure the wines are in perfect condition. We like to talk about the region, the producer, listen to stories and anecdotes to get a better understanding of what's in our glass. This is knowledge you'll then be able to apply when selecting wine in other situations. 

Do I have to open all the wines?  NO! It's completely up to you what you open for the tasting. Our tastings are also about the stories and the background, you open whichever wines you want. We'll also give tips on how to keep your wines fresh to enjoy the day after and the day after that.. 

Our public wine-tasting events are held in English. We have a great number of different nationalities on the events and English is the common language.

Looking for a gift for someone who loves wine? 

Check out our Gift Card section and choose the value that suits your budget. Gift cards can be spent on online wine tastings or labels from our wine shop.

Looking for a private wine tasting for your group? 

Contact us with more information about your group and the occasion you want to celebrate. We can organise events for groups of 10 households or more. Tell us where they are located and how many there will be and we'll make a proposal to give you an unforgettable online event. 


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