Online wine course : Get Comfy with Wine

Do you like wine and wish you knew more about it?

Join our 4-week online wine course! 

 Wine can be overwhelming but once you know how to taste wine like a sommelier, the principles of food-pairing and what you can understand just from the wine label, you'll be on your way to being more confident and comfortable with wine - and avoid a bad wine experience!  

We devised Get Comfy with Wine 4-week course to give wine lovers the low-down on wine starting from the basics. We begin with how wine is made and the different styles of wines that you can find, common wine terms and descriptors, how to pair wines with your favourite foods, and how to store and serve wine so it keeps its best.

online wine course get comfy with wine. Great date night at home idea to have fun and learn about wines. Couple sharing wine and food on a picnic blanket at home

Our aim is to get your more confident when choosing, buying, serving, storing and pairing wine. Over 4 evenings we also serve you eight of our favourite Italian wines and use them as a basis for exploring different regions and styles of wine.

Our course is held in English and we can ship the online wine course sets from Germany to anywhere in the EU. Quaranvino participants regularly tune in from Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France and many other countries. 

Our next session of Get Comfy with Wine will start in September 2021. Sign up via the link below.