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Get Comfy with Wine

Do you like wine and wish you knew more about it?

 Choosing wine can be overwhelming. Other than the price tag or pretty label how are you sure you’re not going to spend money on a bottle you don’t like? How can you understand what you like in a wine to make better choices or explain your likes and dislikes? How can you be part of conversations with “people who know about wine” when there are so many technical terms?

We devised Get Comfy with Wine 4-week course to do just that : give people who love wine the chance to ask all the questions they ever had about wine and come away more confident in their wine choices.

Our course is lead by Faye, AIS qualified sommelier and WSET-level 3 holder, and Irene, AIS Sommelier and wine & food editor. Together they present the 4 evenings in a relaxed and fun way.

Over the 4 evenings we'll also taste 8 Italian, high-quality wines. Through these sessions and tastings you’ll get a better understanding of what you like and what to look for when buying and selecting wines. 

We run Get Comfy a couple of times a year. Take a look at the box office below to see if tickets are available or Sign up to our newsletter to make sure you receive invitations as soon as they are published. 



What our guests say about Get Comfy with Wine:  

"This course was thoroughly enjoyable, it was relaxed and informative and you could take as much or as little as you wanted. It was well worth the money and encouraged me to try new wines. It also made it OK to drink not the most expensive wine, or to not like something and made you understand why!"

Participant, Get Comfy Jan 2021 


“I have always enjoyed wine but I didn’t know why I enjoyed it! During the course I realised that wine is complex and I’ll never be an expert but you don’t have to – it’s fine to just enjoy it. Now when I go to buy wine, I pay attention to the terms on the labels and the alcohol and I think “wow I learnt something!”. I found the Get Comfy course fun, to the point and helped me understand the basics about wine. I definitely feel more confident about talking about wine, have a better understand of what I like and I’m not afraid to tell others when I don’t like something.”

Mirkka R. 


“Wine menus in restaurants meant very little to me beyond the wines I knew well and I was very reluctant to experiment. Choosing wines when entertaining friends was a challenge as well and I tended to stick to the favourites or resort to google! Get Comfy offered the opportunity to learn all the basics and much more in a relaxed and fun environment combining a learning experience with a good night "out". Faye and Irene are passionate about wines but without pretentiousness or snobbery. On our recent trip away, I asked for the wine menu and for the first time ever, recognised many of the grape varieties listed. I felt confident that I understood what I was looking at as opposed to drawing a complete blank. I've even started experimenting with wines in restaurants that I would never have gone for in the past - success! We enjoy wine more than ever with good food and are no longer intimidated by wine lists or overwhelmed by a shelf full of wine bottles!”

Rachel S. 


"Get Comfy with Wine is a very relaxed way to learn the basic principles of wines and wine making. I now don’t feel so apprehensive about selecting wines to buy. Thank you Faye and Irene!"

Participant, Get Comfy Jan 2021


“Choosing wine in a wine store I would pick out bottles that looked expensive and classic but I found the choice just overwhelming. Get Comfy was fun and easy. The entire session was a no judgment zone and it was great to enjoy it from the comfort of home. I also loved learning about how some wines could taste like, just by reading the varieties and appellations which makes buying wine a lot easier and less risky. I’m now more adventurous in drinking and buying wine and I am enjoying wine more! I discovered wines on the course that I wouldn’t have picked myself and loved them!”

Louise G. 



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