Quaranvino Learn More & FAQs

Quaranvino online wine tasting events are entertaining experiences that bring wine-makers and wine lovers together to connect over wine.

Our at-home tastings started in March 2020 with the first lockdown, hence the name - Quaran (quarantine..) and vino because we LOVE Italian wine. 

If you're looking to discover wine, meet wine-makers and have fun meeting friends or other wine lovers in the process, Quaranvino is for you. You don't have to get dressed up, find a babysitter, or book a taxi to enjoy Quaranvino - join from home, your holidays, or wherever you happen to be.   

Our monthly online wine events are held in English but we speak a lot of lingo's - if you're looking for a private wine tasting in German, Dutch, Italian, or French, we can make that happen too. 

Our online wine events are hosted on Zoom by a wine producer and a Quaranvino moderator. We like to make them as interactive as possible adding in elements such as video, polls, word clouds and rankings. Breakout moments make them a great way to socialise with friends from afar or meet new people who also love wine.

Here's how they work:

  • Buy your online wine tasting box
  • You'll receive an email with the link to join the call and the link to our G Drive where the recipes will be stored
  • Wines are shipped to the address provided the week before the event via courier. You will receive notification when they have set off
  • Breakout rooms during (10 - 15 mins) and at the end of the events give you chance to socialise with other diners 

Below are some of the FAQ's we frequently receive. If your question isn't answered, drop us a line on the Contact us page and we'll get back to you ASAP. 


Which countries do you ship to?  

We can ship our online wine tasting boxes for public and corporate events to many European countries including Belgium, Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Poland, Denmark, Latvia, Portugal, Rumania and Bulgaria.

If you are joining a public event, please remember to select the shipping supplement when you order. If you're country of residence is not listed, please contact us and we'll confirm availability and shipment cost. When wines are available via a UK importer, we include tickets on our UK Box office 

Group events: we work with UK and Swiss importers and distributors to be able to include your guests in our tastings. We cannot ship to Republic of Ireland, Sweden or Finland but may be able to help source products. Just contact us to let us know where your group is based and we will put together a proposal. 

We are unable to ship wines outside the EU. 

What size are the wines you send me? 

We only send you bottles that are made in the winery - we don't manipulate these into tasting portions. This means that you'll always be sure to get wine as the wine-producer intentioned and if you love it you'll have a whole bottle to enjoy.  


How do you select the wines?

We look for wineries that make outstanding wines and are full of stories to tell. These are wines that you don't find in supermarkets. We usually select smaller wineries for the event but we are not against having larger producers on Quaranvino, the important element is that they are leaders in their field and make really high-quality wines. We are event organisers, not wine retailers, meaning that we choose wines and wineries because we love them and think they make a really entertaining online experience.


Do I need to know something about wine to join? 

NO! Quaranvino is about bringing people together to enjoy wine. Whether you're a wine geek or a wine drinker, having dinner with the person who made the wine you're drinking is really a unique experience and you're sure to learn something new. You can ask questions either via the moderator or directly. Quaranvino is a safe place, no question is dumb, no-one is judged, we're just here to have fun. 


Do I have to open all the wines on the same night? 

NO! Quaranvino is about enjoying the stories and the background to wine. You don't have to open all the bottles during the online wine tasting! Enjoy them at your own pace. If you don't finish a wine, we suggest putting the cork back in and putting it in the fridge or even better, using a Vacuvin wine saver or Wine-fresh spray to protect from oxidation. You'll be able to keep the wines at their best at least for another few days, if not longer! 


What language do you host the events in? 

All events are held in English. If in the breakout rooms you want to speak another language that includes everyone, please do so, but in the main room, English is the chosen language. 

Our private events can be held in Italian, German, French and Dutch depending on our host. Please contact us for more info. 


Can I buy more of the Quaranvino wines? 

Yes, all the wines in our events are included in the Quaranvino Wine Shop at the recommended retail price. When you participate in a Dinner Date you will also receive a special discount or offer to purchase more wines valid for a limited period.