Quaranvino Summer 2021 Survival Box

Quaranvino Summer 2021 Survival Box

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What do you need this summer? Wines that are fresh, tasty, and so good. 

We've put some of our dinner diner's favourite wines from our events together with some of our favourite labels to create the Quaranvino Summer Survival box. 

You'll find : 

  • Kaitui – your favourite Sauvignon Blanc – crisp, aromatic, sharp, if you love NZ-style SB, you’ll love this. This was the winner of our Sauvignon Blanc evening in April.
  • Dreissigacker – your favourite rosé – another German wine, fresh, fruity, floral, hint of sweetness this won our Three of a Kind rosé event. 
  • Borgo Maragliano Crevoglio Chardonnay – yes, Chardonnay from Italy's Piedmont region. It’s unoaked, floral and fruity and was featured in the first round of Get Comfy with Wine where many people rethought their ideas on Chardonnay
  • Barbarino Amore – delicious rosé wine from central Italy made from Sangiovese. It's got an eye-catching bottle, unforgettable name and is dry, a gorgeous colour and really nice structure 
  • Cuvée di Boj – everyone’s favourite Prosecco – apples, pears, honeysuckle on the nose. On the palate it's dry with a long finish. This is the top-of-the-pops of Prosecco.
  • Vigna Pedale –  a Tre Bicchieri (the top award for Italian wines) winner from Puglia. Think a delicious mix of forest fruits, cherries, pepper and thyme and at 13.5% alc. it’s not too heavy. Perfect for your BBQ meats…


The only wines you need to buy this Summer - all together at a special price.



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