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Sparkling wines are the answer to just about everything. They are super versatile and not just for aperitif of special occasions - check out our blog post at to why they're the easiest style of wine to pair with food. 

If you love Champagne? Try the Metodo Tradizionale Borgo Maragliano Blanc de Noir and Brut Rosé. 

If you fancy something hip to sip with friends for aperitivo? Phermento is your label or Chateau Minière's spicy Sparkling Cabernet Franc from the Loire Valley is another fun unusual - and totally moreish - wine to serve with friends. 

Do you love Prosecco? then give Valdo's Cuvée di Boj a try (it's one of our absolute favourites!) or their off-dry and delicious Cuvée Viviana with your next dessert.

Serving up a bowl of berries or chocolate? Borgo Maragliano's Brachetto will pair perfectly. 

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