online wine tasting: enjoying different bottles of red wine with bread, cheese, grapes on two wooden boards

How to prepare for an online wine tasting

Wondering what you need to do to prepare for a wine tasting online? We’ve put some tips together on how to best enjoy an online wine event.

  • Watch out for your wines

    – they’ll be shipped to you usually in the week before the tasting event. You’ll receive an email from us to tell you when they’re setting off. If you’ve not received them by the date given in our mail, drop us a line and we’ll chase them up.
  • Store your wines

    in a place that they won’t get too hot or too cold away from a direct source of light. Whites should be placed in the refrigerator the day before the event, or if it’s cold outside (but not freezing) put them on the balcony. Red also like to be slightly chilled – especially if they’re light in body or if it's particularly warm weather. For more tips on how to chill and get wines cool quickly, take a look at our blog post five ways to chill wines  
  • Decide your menu

    – for our online wine-makers dinner and wine tastings we send out recipes to pair with each wine. These are often authentic pairings and local dishes suggested by the wine producer. We also like to include our own food pairing suggestions – especially if we can pair them with some seasonal products. You’ll get these menu suggestions via email a few days before the event and a QR code to access them will also be included on the welcome letter with the wines. 
  • Prepare your technology

    : we use Zoom to host all of our online wine events. It works best via the Zoom app on your table or laptop. Choose speaker view function and you’ll be able to see our host big on your screen with the other participants smaller. BTW, we love seeing you so please keep your camera on during the call – the idea is that we have dinner together despite the distance. Microphones will be muted during the dinner but you can raise your hand (virtually or physically!) to ask questions and socialise with others in our breakout moments. If there’s anyone on the call that you particularly want to be in a breakout room with, please let us know via a private message in the chat! The latest version of Zoom allows you to move between rooms so you can mingle just as you would in an in-person event. 
  • Get yourself a glass

     – a good-sized, wide and tall glass will fit every wine. The aim of Quaranvino is to enjoy the wine, and the stories around them, not particularly to dissect them (although we like to do that too!). We’ll go from the lightest to the heaviest during our tasting so you don’t need to start changing glasses. If you want to rinse with water that’s fine, but not essential.
  • Make yourself comfortable

    – online wine events are about having fun in a relaxed setting – whether you’re at your dining table, on your sofa or enjoying our event from your terrace or garden, the only thing you really need is a good wifi connection and if that fails, you’ll be able to watch the recording after the event!

If by the end of it you haven't finished all the wines, just take a look at our post on how to keep wine once it's opened. Put in the fridge, you'll be able to enjoy the wines at least the day after, if not longer. 

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