How long will opened wine last?

You’ve opened it, drunk a glass or two, just can’t finish it and now you’re wondering what to do with opened bottle of wine.

Wines will change as soon as they are opened and become in contact with the air. Some development is good but you can also get notes of oxidation, the fruity aromas disappear and the wine loses all those wonderful aromas it charmed you with when you first opening it. One thing you don’t want to do is leave it open, on the worktop and go to bed – that’s a fast track to having to put the wine in the sink the morning after (yep, we’ve all done that right!).

Do I need to put red wine in the fridge?

Whatever type of wine it is, put it in the fridge! Yes, even red wine needs to go in the fridge, the

low temperature will slow down the chemical reactions between the wine and the air and keep them fresher for longer.

How do I close an opened bottle of wine?

This is why we LOVE screw caps which give you the chance to close AND lay back down in your fridge but if your bottle has a natural cork, just ram in the narrower end of the cork and your wine will be fine the day after. Just leave it for half an hour out of the fridge before enjoying and it'll be great.

With a cork back in the top it’ll be fine for a couple of days, but with something to remove the air you’ll find they stay fresh and hardly changed for a week. ⁠

I love Vacuvin for this. It’s a cheap invention comprising a pump and a rubber stopper. You pump out the oxygen and in a fridge your wine will keep for a week at least. 


What to do with Sparkling wine that’s opened?

There is this legend about putting a spoon in the top but the only way to keep the bubbles in a bottle is to stop them from escaping with a champagne stopper. It’s good for any type of sparkling wine just that the common name is champagne or Sekt-stopper. 

Here's a link to the a couple of items that will save your wine: 

- Champagne Stopper 

- Vacuvin pump with 2 stoppers

If you have a wine that you want to keep for longer, then you will want to invest im a Coravin : a nifty piece of machinery that pierces the cork, lets you pour just the amount you want and then reseals your wine with a layer of argon.  


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