How to keep wines at their best


One thing that we hear when we talk about how our virtual wine-makers dinners work is "but I can't drink all that wine!". You don't have to. If you have still got some wine left at the end of our online wine-tasting events then there are a few solutions around to make sure your wines keep their best until you can finish them: 

1) Vineyard Fresh - This is an argon spray. Argon is heavier than oxygen and so creates a cover on top of the wine and prevents it from becoming oxidised. The creators claim these work for weeks and the good thing is that you don't need any other equipment, just put the cork back in. 

2) Vacu vin Wine Saver - these are great systems made of a pump which extracts the air, and a rubber stopper which fits snuggly on all bottles. As the air is extracted, the stopper is pulled into the bottle creating a seal and preventing more air from entering. Simply put the bottle in the fridge to keep it fresh or store it at room temperature, sometimes you'll see a change but often this is one for the better. 

3) Coravin - the Coravin, which wasn't mentioned on the video, is a very nifty piece of engineering which has revolutionised the By-the-glass menu's of top restaurants. It works by piercing a tiny hole in the cork of the bottle and then inserting argon which then pressurises the bottle and the cork re-closes. This can only be used with natural corks and it pretty expensive but offers a great way of enjoying really special bottles over long periods - even years. 

With any of these on hand, there's no need to think twice about opening up that other bottle! 

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