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  • Stock up September : labels to get your through the autumn

    This summer we headed down to Italy for a few days to visit some of our friends who hosted Quaranvino wine dinners and had the chance to explore th...
  • Spritz it up! Two versions of Spritz Aperol you'll want to try

    Let's talk Spritz - Spritz Aperol to be precise 😋. We love it!

    Traditionally it is mixed with Prosecco, sparkling water and a slice of orange but we have a couple of other options for you to try out next time you're reaching for that orange bottle... 

  • Why we need to drink more South African wine than ever before

    South African is the wine country that needs the most help: this is what made it the obvious choice for Quaranvino dinner dates. As domestic sales are currently banned for the second time, we need to drink more South African wine than ever before and help secure the livelihood of thousands of winery workers.
  • Lambrusco : Four things to know when you buy


    We love Lambrusco and we love how Quaranvino diners love rediscovering one of Italy's most well-known appellations during our events. If you're ready to board the Lambrusco revolution and are looking to buy yourself a bottle of this super food-friendly wine, here are a few things to know when you buy...
  • How to keep wines at their best

    One thing we often hear is "I don't drink enough wine to do Quaranvino!". Don't worry, if you don't finish the bottle or two you've opened for our online wine experiences there are a few solutions around to make sure your wines keep their best until you can finish them. 
  • Quaranvino featured on China Global Television Network

    On 28th March we had our very first appointment of Quaranvino - the world's first online wine-makers dinner for wine lovers across Europe. Households from Germany, Belgium and the UK tuned in for that first event that was featured on a special report by China Global Television Network on how businesses in Munich had adapted to the Covid 19 crisis.